Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bells and Whistles

Ami Givertz is someone I have never met or even spoken with on the phone, but he is, in my opinion and those of many others who read his posts, an extraordinarily gifted writer.

Ami is currently the SVP of Business Development for RCI Recruitment Solutions so I can only assume that he is a gifted marketing person as well. Certainly would follow given his skill in putting words together that somehow tranform themselves from simple narrative to an extraordinary intellect that seems to flow effortlessly from his keyboard.

Ami used to blog far more than he does now, so when he pressed the pause button on his former blog it was a big void in my day, but when I recently discovered him once again as one of the bloggers on Bells and Whistles (the blog site of RCI) and found that his voice had not been lost entirely, it definately brightened my day.

If you have not had the chance to check out both his observations on the staffing space and those who roam the recruiting blogosphere, you would do yourself a service to save Ami posts as one of your favorites.


Recruiting Animal said...

Dave, he's brilliant but quirky. Trust me on this. Also I don't know if I have you on my feed but will do now for sure.

Amitai Givertz said...

David, I am sincerely flattered. Thank you.