Monday, June 20, 2005

BusinessWeek Gets It Right

Back during the Spring (that somehow seemed to circumvent the entire Northeast), Fortune ran, if you'll pardon the expression, a very "unfortunate" cover story titled “50 and Fired,” about which I have already expressed a point of view both here and in a letter to their editor.

I bring it up again only to say that by way of what I think is a far more reasonable and realistic perspective, the June 27th issue of BusinessWeek has a cover story titled: "Old, Smart. Productive. For those "boomers" who feel they are in need of a better understanding of what the other side of the coin can and should be, I commend this to your attention.

Every job search – at any age -- has its share of challenges, but what we at ExecuNet – and, apparently, BusinessWeek – have found is the unique value that the senior workforce brings to the corporate landscape. The intellectual capital and business expertise older workers possess is a great resource that shouldn’t be overlooked, and some companies are beginning to capitalize on that knowledge base. If we are to continue to compete in the flat world that Tom Friedman talks about in his new book, we had best be utilizing every resource we have on the human capital front.