Sunday, May 20, 2007

California: Always on the Bleeding Edge

So I get this email from my brother who knows we follow trends in the senior executive job search and career management space after he came across a piece in his local paper about a consulting gig commissioned by the Preident of the University of California.

Seems that UC President Dynes is shelling out $7,000,000 for a one year study regarding the efficiency in the 1500 person Office of the President. You have to love it.

If you are thinking of consulting as something to explore as part of a career change, numbers like this might be a tipping point for you.

Here's one way to look at how it might break down:

Seven million dolllars is more than $4,600 to study the efficiency of each and every one of the 1,500 employees in the Office of the President. (1,500 x $4,600 = $6,900,000). There is even $100,000 leftover for working lunches during the interviews.

Seven million is enough to hire 28 consultants to work full-time for a year at $250,000 per consultant per year.

Of course, as with most studies like these, the consultants will not talk with every employee, they would more likely talk with about one in every ten, so it might look something like: 150 total, for an average of one hour per employee, so their $7,000,000 consulting fee amounts to about $46,000 per interview-hour.

Even if all the interviews weren't the most sintilating conversations in the world, not bad duty!

Only in America, and only in California!

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