Friday, May 30, 2008

Executive Tribune

How many blogs are there? Answer: Probably no one really knows, and if you start to pare them down to ones that are "active" versus those that are just taking up a few megs on a server somewhere, it might even seem like a number that we could relate to, but even then I am not sure. All of which suggests that most of us find the stuff we want to follow the same way most of us find our way to anything worthwhile - someone tells us about it. It's another one of the fringe benefits of networking.

There are, of course, exceptions, and in the case of the Executive Tribune Tribune, a blog that launched in early May, this one I knew was coming because it's author, Michael Simon, had called me about blogging before he launched.

After my failing yet once again to convince anyone of anything, he launched it anyway. If you are interested in things of importance to the career management at the executive level, you will be glad he went ahead. The tag line will give you a nice clue as to why: "Career musings and information for A-list, B-school & C-suite residents."

If you check out Michael's background it will become immediately apparent why he would be a valuable resource when in comes to career issues, especially at the executive level.

In the interest of "full disclosure" I should also reveal that when the company I was working for was sold and I lost my job at age 48, I selected Michael and his firm to help keep me focused as I tired to figure out what was next.

Just as I failed to persuade Michael that blogging is harder than it appears on the surface, he failed to convince me to give corporate another chance. The outcome was that I started ExecuNet and Michael and I have been friends ever since.

Even though all of this is true, anyone who knows me will tell you that if I didn't think that Executive Tribune was worth your can finish the sentence yourself.


Anonymous said...

I will go check it out.
Just cuz you said to.

Anonymous said...

Says it is not found? Is there another link?

Dave Opton said...

That's odd. Have no idea why that would be. I put the link in again, tested it, and it seemed to work fine.


Anonymous said...

Not sure either, Dave, I came back and you are right, it works now.