Friday, May 23, 2008

America’s Business Elite Embracing On-line Media

Part of the really fun side of cyberspace is that one discovers just how little one knows and the degree to which the world is full of things that are "new to us" grows geometrically by the second.

One of my "finds" recently was a site called . As you can see for yourself, they describe themselves as "a company of inquiring minds and passionate people giving a voice and shape to the thoughts of millions of individuals around the world." Translation: Specialized market research that is focused on "media habits, attitudes, opinions, and business and personal purchasing habits of the highest echelon of America's business community—the "C-Suite."

While the elitist description rubs me the wrong way, the fact that our membership is made up of C-Suite folks, I read with interest the results of a recent survey they did just how tuned in or out of the gadget universe this group is. I was especially interested because of all the stuff one reads about how "un-savvy" they are with 21st century technology.

If you believe, as I do, that the stereotype of the CEO who can barely play the radio is not exactly an accurate portrait, then check out what the survey said and see how off-base perceptions can be:

• C-level Tech Toys: Almost three out of four (71%) own cell phones with cameras and multi messaging, and almost as many (68%) own laptops. More than half (60%) already have HDTV, and almost half (40%) own iPods. Likewise, more than one-third already have Blackberries (36%) or Satellite Radio (35%).

• CEOs TIVO: More than one-third (35%) have used a DVR/TIVO to record or playback a TV program in the past month, with almost one-third having watched video-on-demand.

• Downloading Content: In a month’s time, more than two-thirds of the C-levels surveyed (68%) have downloaded videos or clips from websites or received email newsletters/alerts on their computers. About half (49%) have streamed or watched broadband videos from websites on their computers.

• C-level Internet Commerce: More than three-fourths of C-level executives surveyed are already using the Internet to make their travel or flight reservations (78%), and well over half (57%) regularly buy products or services online.

• Being Tech Savvy is Key: Executives at the top also know that keeping up with the latest technology is vital to the success of their businesses—about three-fourths (72%) agree, with the same number agreeing that a business publication’s website is an important part of its offerings (72%).

• Blogging in the C-Suite: They are into blogs too—almost one-third (30%) read blogs and a small number (4%) contribute to blogs.

One thing is for sure, if you are an executive who is interested in making a move in this or any other environment and are not fluent in "techno speak" you are likely to be a very unhappy camper going forward.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I am actually surprised at the percentages. I mean, less than half use TIVO? What a disadvantaged group!
I agree, for all us who blog, read FastCompany et al there are countless others who read GRIT and hope the good old days are coming back. Unfortunately.