Friday, June 29, 2007

Video Killed The Database Star

So I was reading today's Interbiznet Bugler where the lead piece was entitled Video Killed The Data Base Star.

As I read on, essentially John Sumser was making the argument that there was a coming tidal wave of video resumes despite the obvious issue of time that it would take for recruiters, third party or otherwise, to screen them nothwithstanding. God only knows they have issues enough dealing with electronic versions.

John finished off this piece by asserting that hiring managers would actually "want" video resumes because "there's something about live action that cements decisions." He also went on to say that all of this would "swamp the recruiting folks with the challenge of wading through years of video clips." Now there's a candidate for the understatement of the year award!

Maybe because it's Friday, a beautiful summer day, and I am more focused on a Tom Collins on the deck watching the boats come in from a sunset sail that I am assuming this piece was written tongue in cheek.

I mean I certainly realize with the advent of YouTube and MySpace, not to mention the official launch of the iPhone that video is going to be used in a lot of ways with much of it hopefully benefiting both our personal and business lives, it's just that I can't see video resumes being one of them.

Aside from the time factor and the ability to edit them to the point where they might be eligible for an Oscar special effects nomination, one wonders what the EEOC would have to say?

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Kent Blumberg said...

Boy, I just can't see video-resumes being very useful to recruiters or hiring managers (unless the position required the ability to act in or edit videos). Scanning written words is so much faster than scanning videos. For this reason, I watch very few u-tube videos and only listen to podcasts while driving or exercising. Just because you can do it (video resume) doesn't mean you should!