Friday, June 15, 2007

The Qualities of a Successful Leader/Manager

Bells and Whistles is a blog about which I have had something to say on more than one occasion and given the contributions to it made by Amitai Givertz, and Eric Jackson both of whom are on the staff of RCI Recruitment Solutions whose company blog it is, the names are likely to show up here many times in the future as well.

Given the business they are in is probably one of the reasons they write so much about leadership stuff, but that isn't the only reason that the site is way up on my list of blogs to follow. The real reason is not what they are writing about so much as they impact (at least on me) of how what they have to say is so sharply focused.

Happily and another reason is that they attract readers who also are not only obviously very bright, but who also have a gift to communicate via the written word.

One such contributor is a fellow named Gil Keough who happens to be the Director of Corporate Training for a company called Toobeez International located in PA. Gil is an exceptionally bright and gifted writer.

Were I not a follower of Bells and Whistles as well as John Sumser and I am sure I would have missed Gil's powerfully put comments that he posted after having read a commentary of Eric Jackson's (also excellent) back in April titled Building Smart Leadership. Such is the convoluted and often very valuable "linkages" created by the net.

In any event, all of this is a long way to say that Gil's commentary which he simply called The Qualities of A Successful Leader/Manager is not only very much worth reading, but once you have, you might well be motivated, as I was, to print and place it in that folder we all have called: Lessons in Leadership I Don't Ever Want to Forget.

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FearlessInnovation said...

Thanks for point to this, Dave, I never would have found it otherwise!