Monday, September 13, 2010

It's About the Values Stupid

One of the real drawbacks of modern communications and technology is that it makes you realize more quickly than you otherwise might just how little you know about so much.

But just when you're feeling really bad realizing that you'll never catch up, there turns out to be a real plus side.

Here's the plus: while it is crystal clear that the world is chock full of people who are ten times smarter than you'll ever be, it's okay because and doesn't matter because (dream of dreams) every now and then you stumble on one of those super smart folks and discover they agree with something you already felt, just have never been able to express it as well. Now you're pumped!

So it was for me when I discovered Stan Slap and read the excerpt from his upcoming book Bury My Heart at Conference Room B: Sweat Time at Microsoft in the August issue of Fast Company.

Heck, with a title like that I would have read it just out of curiosity alone. [Copyblogger take note.]

If you didn't happen to catch the article and you ever wondered how important personal values really are both individually and collectively, then I would urge you to simply click here.

See if you don't agree that the time spent was well invested.

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