Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting A Cyber Mulligan

There is an old saying that goes something like "when you're mad, write the letter but don't send it until the next day." The same can often be said for things you put out on the net.

In fact, even if you aren't particularly ticked off about something, but just fired stuff off after a few glasses of wine or when you were back in college and someone dared you to upload something that you now wish had been biodegradable, the fact is that once it's out there, it's out there.

Over the years this sort of stuff has come to be known as "Digital Dirt" a phrase that was coined by ExecuNet's Editor-in-Chief Robyn Greenspan. In fact, Robyn and her team even put together a career guide on the subject for our members called Dealing With Your Digital Dirt.

So, with literally millions of folks out there who would have liked to have had a cyber mulligan but know they can't, many have thought that the next best thing might be something where at least when someone typed their name into Google at least the "good stuff" would be what people would see first.

Well, guess what, it looks like that day may well have arrived with the launch this week of a service developed by James Alexander called Vizibility. How does it work? The launch press release describes it this way:
"Through a simple wizard, the Vizibility service enables people to quickly create the optimal Google search for themselves based on their name, employment history and relevant keywords."
All in all a pretty cool idea which you might want to check out. The basic service is free.

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Mark said...

Your recent blogs and the Podcast have to my reading include a common thread. Individual committment to insuring enterprise behavior, consistently demonstrated and guided by articulated Principals and Values is vital determinant and powerful force. Perhaps the most crucial of all factors
You deliver this message very politely but compellingly when making the point that you consistently note a seminal trait for truly successful clients of Execunet always include these charateristics.
Beyond this your blogging, indicated clearly in the podcast, you communicate seeing this as central to, present at ExecuNet's inception, under pinning its ongoing reasone detere, and crediting the grounding in clear Principals for ExecuNet's growth and success for nearly 30 years.
Are you encoraged by what you see in the marketplace at large that this core MO is well understood and prospering ? For myself I see many, even some who once were exemplary proponents who are likely because of current conditions lapsed in their ommittment.
I passionately believe and have had more than a bit of personal evidence and benefit from coresponding success for the enterprises I have led by staying the course especially when times are toughest.
Are we delussional hoping for a return of committment to Principals as the crucial determining factor in professional endevors?
How do we make what is already a self evident case, real to others for the continued or revitalized success and perpetuation of our society, enterprises and selves?
As always best personal and professional regards Doc