Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Circles of Change

Maybe it's a generational thing but I have to say that after having been interviewed so many times over the years be it TV, radio, face to face or via (would you believe) email, I really like radio the best. I think the reason why is primarily because it seems to give you the best shot at really being able to respond in some reasonable depth. In the sound bite world of TV, not to mention the editing that goes on, anything beyond 20 seconds seems to end up as they say on the cutting room floor or worse sometimes, on the air!

So why I liked radio so much surfaced again at the end of June when Zara Larsen who has not one but two radio programs that air on KJLL in Tucson, Arizona contacted me and asked if I could join her on her show called: Circles of Change: Conversations with Dr. Zara Larsen on Change Leadership and Career Fulfillment.

Five minutes on the phone was enough to see that clearly Zara had lots of experience in both the career management and radio show interviewing worlds and that was enough for me to immediately say be it a Sunday or not, sign me up.

After our initial conversation, I went to her website to find out a bit more of what I was getting myself into and specifically to see how Circles of Change was described so I could better understand. The short version was this:

“Circles of Change” refers to an arc on a trajectory, taking all of life’s experiences to bring us full circle to recognize and celebrate who we are as unique individuals. The goal of our weekly conversations is to help you take the right steps to make more of where you are in your current career and life, or how to discover, strive for and achieve “what’s next”.
When the show aired, we talked about a wide range of career related topics, and all in all it turned out to feel exactly as I felt it would after that first introductory conversation we had had - relaxed with an eye to trying to help those who were listening.

Her programs are also streamed to the web, so if you want to get a flavor for both the program and her style and think you might want to tune into future programs, the link to the June 29th show is here.


Sathi Vanigasooriar said...

I was in Calgary recently delivering a training session on Project Management. After talking for three days straight I wanted to listen to someone talk. My wife and I were on our way to Banff from Calgary and we decided to listen to the radio. Our rental vehicle had the satellite radio and we came across some interesting talk shows. It really made me think twice about what you had mentioned about radio. I agree with you 100%. I might not be able to point out the difference, but radio seems to have a magic that TV and over mediums seem to be missing.


Dave Opton said...


Well said. I too have satellite radio in my car to help me through my 140+ mile commute to work each week. Great stuff! The length and depth of stories on NPR is another reason while I spend a lot of drive time there as well.


Savvy Intrapreneur said...


I was referred to your blog from an email I received from Execunet member, Rod Colon. I'm the administrator for Rod's podcasted blog.

I'm so glad I stopped by your blog. Thank you for sharing articles on the various facets of leadership. I found them quite insightful. The circles of change concept gave me something to chew on for a bit. I'll have to visit Dr. Larsen's site for more details.

I am now tuned into your blog with my RSS reader.

Carl E. Reid, CSI

Dave Opton said...


Am very pleased that you stopped by and certainly I'll continue to try and post stuff that you, Rod, you and others find of interest.

For sure I know I certainly am exposed to and learn a lot from my trips around the blogosphere.