Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's Not a Program, It's a Process

For quite a while, I have followed a blog written with wonderful wit and sensitivity by GL Hoffman which he calls What Would Dad Say.

Maybe I like it so much because our sense of humor seems in sync or his philosophy regarding career and/or life management seems to be very much in the same ballpark as my own. I am not sure, but it also could be because somehow he finds the time to post stuff daily if not hourly. Not only is there volume, but it is well written and worth reading. No wonder I like it.

Anyway, he had a long post today which he called This is a Story about Networking and Not about Ohio State Football. It was an apt title and if you are curious enough to see how one connects to the other, I would suggest you check out the post. I think those folks who have the perception that networking is only something one does when they are looking for a job will find it particularly instructive.

I have been talking about effective networking being a process and not a program for so long now that I often think that I have worn the phrase out, but in reading about coach Tressel's actions in Hoffman's post, I think that he serves as the best example I have heard of in a long time that proves that real networking much more about giving than it is about getting.


Anonymous said...

Awww, shucks, Dave...I am kicking the dirt under my desk now, such compliments! I am sure that note from coach Tressel has been around the internet before, but not to me. I am glad you got the main point as me in that one. Unintended consequences, I suppose. I don't write hourly, i write watching TV or as a hobby and just end up posting several at the same time. Mostly because I have not yet figured out how to do the delayed posting thing-y.
My head is getting bigger, btw, US News World Report just contacted me to write a weekly column for their website.
I am asking people in my office to call me MR. Hoffman from now on. To no avail.
Have a great day.

Dave Opton said...

Mr. H,

Why does the U.S. News & World Report invite not surprise me?

Well deserved!