Friday, October 12, 2007

The Man In The Arena

There is a great post today, as there is almost any day you look, from Tech Crunch. Even if you are not on the bleeding edge of all things in the digital universe, it is still a fascinating blog. It is edited by Michael Arrington and this particular post focused on cyber-investor Yossi Vardi and his thoughts on how he decides on what and in who to invest.

The title of the post readers my recognize comes from a famous speech and quote by Teddy Roosevelt in which he talks about risk taking and the courage it takes.

In any event, there was one line in the post that apparently not only resonated with me when I read it, but with lots of other folks given the number of comments made so far. There were 56 the last time I looked.

The sentence was: "...He generally doesn’t look at business plans at all, and just invests in the individual."

Think about it. Every person who has inspired you, every boss or teacher you have ever had for whom you had great respect, every co-worker you admire, etc., it's always about the individual and what you see in them.

That is just one of the reasons that my own philosophy on hiring as always been built around indivual attitude and passion, not skill.

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Ed Duggan said...

So true. Those that recognize and support the positive attitude and passion in others reap the benefits of a stronger more successful relationship.