Saturday, March 17, 2007

What's Going On III: Older People

I read so much of what John Sumser has to say about the world of staffing in cyberspace that I sometimes feel like all I really should be doing is simply post the coordinates for his Electronic Recruiting News and be done with it. That said, I have no doubt there may well be those who stop by this blog from time to time who might well say that doing just that would be a major step forward, but I am, as they say, going to "press on regardless."

In the last week or so, John has been running what I find to be a fascinating series of articles on the state of the "space" so to speak. It started with an article entitled What It Was Like which was not only a great place to start, but which is well worth reading just to remind ourselves as to just how quickly things have changed.

The article referred to in the title, What's Going On: III Older People, is the 12th piece in the series. Indeed, I would suggest that if you have interest in the history and changes in the world of staffing that you set aside some time and read them all.

In any case, the main reason I paused on this particular piece is because in it John puts a slightly different light on the issue of what companies are faced with when it comes to the demographics of the current marketplace and the implications they carry for us all.

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